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Bring Your Site on Top of Google’s First Page

‘SEO-Yakshaa-Inc’ excels in generating heavy-traffic on targeted site taking its rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine. Being a certified search engine optimization company situated at Ahmadabad city of Gujarat in India the Company boasts of unique expertise of its highly experienced technical staff of SEO and digital marketing which contemplate on resolving domain related problems like poor web designing, poor content, irrelevant information, bad reputation, absence of web-linking, so on and so forth which are resolved individually by the SEO Yakshaa. SEO services though improve ranking of the site by generating traffic of customers heavily the digital marketing strategy earns the revenue by promoting the website.

Italian Trulli
Italian Trulli

An Indispensable Part of DM – Content Development (Textual/Visual)

In order to highlight business and services with hypnotizing impact and convert even traffic less web site into a heavily-trafficked site expanding business at large the Yakshaa Inc uses business or services centric content both textually and visually. Following are some of the specific methodologies of ‘Yakshaa Inc’s SEO experts to take ranking of web sites of France on to top of search engine page by pulling the customers’ traffic.

Yakshaa’s Powerful DM to Expand Your Business in Entire France

Web site is a most powerful platform for interaction with mass people in the world and selling them the products or services we deal in asking them to register, interact and make transactions through online payment. But it would be a far-fetched issue provided your site doesn’t open on Google with any common keywords associated with the business. If you want to promote your business in USA, China, UK, France, Germany, Russia or any other country then the “SEO-Yakshaa-Inc” must be your targeted destination. The Yakshaa has got to make your website visible on Google by opening through all the keywords associated with the business. • Based in India, ‘Yakshaa Inc’ pioneers in Digital Marketing (DM) • Generates heavy traffic of customers on Web Site within certain period of time • Takes sluggish or newly formed site on top ranking of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. • Excels in SEO, SEM, Web Creation, Web Designing, Content-Writing, Blogs, Social Media, Web Link Building and Reputation’s Promotion. • Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee Any business or service you may deal with would indispensably require online promotion, i.e. digital marketing (DM). In other words, your business must be promoted through digital marketing that has different branches known as SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC and SMM. So adhere to online digital marketing to expand your business globally whether you belong to the USA, UK, Canada, France or any other country in the world. You should promote your commercial website to stay ahead of your business rivals ensuring your site ranks on top of Google’s first page with heavy traffic of visiting clients/customers generated. If you are not acquainted with top ranking digital marketing expert, proficient in SEO services you should opt “SEO Yakshaa Inc” of Ahmadabad (India) to make your commercial website visible to the customers and thus do successful business. Yakshaa Inc’ digital marketing company pioneers in SEO, SEM (search engine marketing), SMO (social media optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) services, the indispensable parts of digital marketing.

Ingredients In Our Content Mix


The blogs on respective business are created using the business-related keywords to attract inquisitive users and sell the products and services in France.

Press Release

Press releases on topics also contribute in traffic generation.

Guest Posts

Under this segment are posted the blogs written by subject experts regularly that also improves the ranking of the site generating heavy rush of visitors.


Useful info graphics play a crucial role in pulling the traffic of customers/clients on web page which the Yakshaa’s SEO experts create superbly for promoting the online business.


Created as highly effective visual content the pre-planned videos substantiate the information convincing the viewers.


Press Release Creation and Submission to build website authority

Online Marketing to Enhance Sales

None of your business is to earn you profit ever provided its official/commercial website has no traffic of visitors. The traffic of visitors upgrades the ranking of site on the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc and expands in this way the sales of products and services on a large scale in the world. Apart from heavy-traffic a few technical issues also are needed to be resolved. The ‘SEO Yakshaa’ dwells on such type of techno digital problems like low traffic, poor ranking, poor design, inferior content and lots more to find out long-term of the website. Being indispensable part of digital marketing the search engine optimization service of Yakshaa improves the site with paid services (PPC) while search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) promote the site through monetary tactics like PPC (pay-per-clicks) and Google ads. The SMM strategy of Yakshaa promotes the site by making it visible over the internet. If you want to promote your site in France through PPC then Google Ad would popularize your site through paid-per-click by visitor on Google.

Italian Trulli
Italian Trulli

Our Recent Real Estate Case Studies

We started working on their website’s just last year. Within 30 days, SEO Yakshaa was able to rank their website in Google for multiple pages and for multiple keywords. Today this client is ranking dozens of keywords some of them even on the first page in the top 10. With high rankings also came high organic traffic. Our meticulously written content was optimized for SEO for each landing page including sufficient CTAs. They couldn’t be happier with the results.

About SEO-Yakshaa & Its Digital Marketing Services

Based in Ahmadabad city of Gujarat, the SEO Yakshaa is an Indian SEO company. It had came into existence around ten years ago and has so far given a new life to the innumerable traffic-less business entities by helping them earn online popularity and promoting their business with heaviest rush of customers being generated on the official website. As you all might be well aware of the fact that traditional trend of propaganda has become absolutely infelicitous in today’s digital era it calls us for promoting our business online. If your website ranks no 1 on the search engine, your business has got to expand definitely yielding the profit. The services the SEO Yakshaa provides include web designing, web linking, social media linking, content development, blogs, etc. Apart from SEO the Yakshaa offers digital marketing services also that popularizes the commercial site on the internet and provides opportunity for revenue. Another most outstanding fact about the SEO Yakshaa is its refunding the entire money in case you do not find your website shifting over to 1st page of the search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Italian Trulli