How To Use Instagram To Accelerate Brand Promotion

Whether or not you are a photographer, you will find yourself appreciating the nature of these pictures, their beautiful subjects, their use of focal points and negative space and the inclusion of complementary, often pastel, hues. Makeup brands are particularly competent in establishing a perfect flow of colors in pictures on IG.

So how do you do what they do? Yes, they have professional photographers and graphic designers, but you don’t need to master either to have a good-looking Instagram profile.

Plus, as beauty brands do, you can also reuse a picture again with different shade if you are selling one product in different color. Recolor and repeat—it works well for those with scarce content.

Interaction Going Digital

We’re social creatures and crave interaction; the growth of social media—with its many features for sharing information in a creative manner—allows human to take their usual conversations online.

This includes asking for advice regarding purchase decisions. So if a person loves that product and talks about it on IG, you can bet that their friends and family will be curious and develop interest in it.

about an important announcement or some part of your business you want to highlight (these last 24 hours). Stories with polls help you gather insight from followers.

You can also pin certain stories to your IG profile permanently. These usually include product categories or FAQs, so that users don’t have to search for specific information about your business.


Make Your Website GDPR Compliant Today

The implementation of the new GDPR has been heralded for quite some time now. While many companies in the EU diligently contracted compliance professionals, others struggled to understand every aspect of the new regulation and make their company GDPR compliant with existing staff.

The GDPR, implemented on the 25th of May, 2018 is now active and companies who have yet to oblige by its rules must start right away. As with any new law, the GDPR is an exhaustive and often confusing piece of legislation. In this post, we break it down for you.

Needless to say, being GDPR compliant saves you from severe fines. To avoid suffering the same fate as Facebook and Google, who faced fines of over 9 billion for breaching the law, it is high time to give your website and subsequent online activities a makeover.

One of the main aims of this data protection law is to give users control over how their private data is handled by companies. Keeping this in mind, let’s explore 10 ways you can make every aspect of your company’s website GDPR compliant.

Revamp Forms

Under the new regulations, every company must redesign their forms if the default option under contact preferences is ticked Yes. In the pre-GDPR era, many companies got away with sneakily tricking customers into giving them the permission to send promotional content or use their contact information for marketing purposes.

All that changes now. Work with your web development team to redesign any existing form on your website, whether it’s for a newsletter subscription or job application and remove the default option. Customers must opt-in themselves in they wish to be contacted.


Unbundled Opt-In

In your forms, consent should be asked separately for accepting the T&Cs and any other consent for the use of customer’s private data. This means every consent option should be laid out clearly and separately with the tick boxes to accept or reject permission.

For example, while a customer may agree will your company’s T&Cs, they may not want to hear about new offers and discount deals. Therefore, permission should be sought out separately for every reason you may want to contact them for.

Granular Opt-In

Taking the previous rule a step further, here you should ensure that you distinguish between the different modes of communication and ask for permission separately for each one, i.e. when you ask customers, ‘How would you like to be contacted?’ You must provide tick boxes next to all options such as: Telephone, Post and Email. This is done to give customers full control over how their data is used to contact them.

Easy Opt-Out Option

It’s only fair that opting out should be as easy as opting in. In addition to placing an opt-out icon below all your communications, it is important to give customers the freedom to modify their contact preferences within a few clicks.

How Dentists Can Use Digital Marketing to Take their Medical Practice to the Next Level

It’s no secret that the internet has completely revolutionized marketing. While Word of Mouth Marketing remains the most effective form of promotion, it’s fair to say that it’s losing its influence to digital marketing as the years go by. In fact, many industries have seen this change coming and are taking the steps necessary to get ahead of the curve.

Take dentistry for example. Where dentists had to rely on their technical prowess to steadily build their clientele in the past, these days, members of the noble profession can use Search Engine Optimization to achieve exponential growth. This presents a golden opportunity for dentists looking to significantly increase their sphere of influence in a short period of time.

If you’re looking to do just that, here are a few steps you can take to add more patients to your clientele.

1. Create and Maintain Your Website:

Ah, the first page of Google’s search results. For most medical practices landing on the first page is something akin to reaching the Promised Land as it essentially means that their online platform is guaranteed thousands of monthly visitors. And if even a small fraction of them decide to opt for your services, then you’ll considerably increase your clientele in no time.

However, getting to the first page is easier said than done as there are countless checks and balances in place to ensure that only deserving platforms are marketed. In particular, Google will never promote your services unless you’re constantly adding to your website.

In other words, websites with little to no traffic are red-flagged and pushed to the back of the queue. To ensure that the same never happens to you, you need to constantly add informative blog posts to your website.

Furthermore, all the content on your website needs to be unique as any plagiarized piece has the capability to do irreparable damage to your platform! If you find yourself in this boat or if you’ve been the target of bad SEO by your direct rivals, opt for our reputation management services pronto!

2. Adopt an Email Marketing Campaign:

Never underestimate the power of effective email marketing. While many “experts” will have you believe that it’s as ineffective as running your ads on a controversial web page, the fact remains that emails are an effective tool in your arsenal as far as digital marketing is concerned.

The best thing about emails is that people can access them on the go. So, if your dental clinic is struggling to hold on to clients, send them an engaging email that highlights the strengths of your practice. A monthly newsletter can do wonders for customer engagement and can even substantially increase your profits.

That being said, in order to ensure that you build a long-lasting relationship with your clients, the tone you adopt for the email is of the utmost importance. Generally speaking, you need to be informative without sounding patronizing – a thin line most businesses find impossible to walk.

3. An Active Facebook Page:

Make no mistake about it; an active Facebook page is a sure-fire way to not just increase your clientele but also improve client engagement. Given the fact that the social media platform has more than 2.2 billion active monthly users, it’s of the utmost importance that you make your mark on Facebook if you want to add to your clientele.

The best thing about Facebook is that it doesn’t cost a dime to create a new account. That being said, there are many common practices that will ruin your chances of attracting new customers if you approach the platform without a meticulously thought-out game plan.

A simple way of doing just that is by opting for our impeccable social media management services that will improve customer engagement. Our social media specialists are experts at digital promotion and can do wonders for your social media accounts. Whether it’s more followers on Instagram you want or more likes on your Facebook page; we’ve got you covered!

4. Press Releases on Pressing Matters:

If you want to establish yourself as a leading authority on a pressing issue, a press release is one of the best ways to go about the process. When used correctly, a press release can paint your practice in a very professional light and firmly establish you as a respectable industry leader in your niche.

Well-timed press releases are so effective that they’ve catapulted countless websites from the 3rdor 4th page of Google’s search results to the 1st page – a change so meteoric that it can change your fortunes and help you retain your clients while attracting new ones!

5. It’s All In The Keywords:

As far as Search Engine Optimization goes, nothing matters more than using the right keywords. In particular, you should know the common concerns of your clients and potential patients, and should tailor the content on your website to include these words so that you rank higher when these people search for a particular product or service.

That being said, you can’t just add unrelated keywords to a blog and hope for the best as Google has a powerful algorithm in place to ensure that these words are used in the right context. For example, you cannot just add the phrase “best dental crowns” to blog post that has nothing to do with crowns.

For more information about particular keywords and how your platform ranks for these phrases as compared to your competitors, use our Client Dashboard.

And that concludes our list of the best digital marketing techniques for dental clinics. If you’re a dentist looking to unleash the power of SEO to grow your dental practice, pick up the phone and get in touch with us! We’ll be more than happy to arm you with the digital tools you need to outperform your competitors.



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