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Search Engine Optimization is all about online presence and visibility. PPC amplifies those very attributes. The big difference is that with PPC, you are getting relevant traffic that actually wants to do business. SEO Yaksha PPC strategies are geared towards increasing your business’s visibility online. We do this by conducting a thorough keyword research to target terms that will bring you visibility and by creating appealing ads that would stand out from your competitors.


Finding Your Rightful Place In The Paid Search Arena

Paid Search (PPC) is where Google makes over 90% of its money. However Google only makes money when you make money. By utilizing Paid Search, businesses can find their rightful place in the extremely competitive online arena. Our certified PPC professionals are highly experienced in delivering results and make you an online contender in your relative industry or niche in as little time as possible.


Certified Experts That Know How To Drive Results

Proper training and experience are required to succeed in virtually any field. This is especially true for Paid Search Marketing because real money is on the line and every click costs money. Our Google Adwords and Bing Ads Certified PPC specialists have years of experience managing high budget, e-commerce websites. No project is too big or too small for us. A majority of our clientele are small to medium size businesses. Our experts know the science behind it and they know how to drive results.


Value You Can’t Refuse

There is a reason why even skeptical clients become loyal SEO Yaksha customers after going through our PPC process; they see the results but more importantly, they see the value of our work and what we do. Our PPC business model comprises of both monitoring AND management. That means that in addition to Keyword Research and Ads creation, we also constantly monitor and manage more than a dozen variables and how they are impacting a particular campaign. We also conduct what we call, Conversion Intelligence; to determine when to run a campaign at full throttle to yield the most conversions for any given time frame.

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