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Do you aspire to promote you business expecting it to do outstandingly in the market!! Don’t get paranoid. The SEO Yakshaa is to help you make your dream come true. If your business is not doing well leaving you far behind in competitive world market, hire the “SEO Yakshaa Inc” without lingering on the decision. SEO Yakshaa Inc is an Ahmadabad’s certified SEO Company trusted for promoting commercial websites through its effective digital marketing strategies which include SEO (Search engine optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (pay-per-click), integrated online-marketing, SMM (social media marketing management), Emailing campaign, online/offline marketing, content generation, links-building, etc.

Be your business micro, small, medium or large in commercial activities, the SEO-Yakshaa has to turn it into a heavy-trafficked website by setting its rank on top of the first page of Google, or other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc. Equipped with highly experienced staff of the digital marketing the SEO Yakshaa contemplates on detecting and sorting out major causes of targeted site’s losing its ranking which may be due to poor web design, poor content, irrelevant-information, absence of web-linking, so on and so forth. So the Yakshaa resolves the issues by generating traffic of customers that improves the ranking of the site spontaneously.

Embarking upon search optimization services around four years ago we’ve completed more than 10000 projects so far and thus attained a niche in SEO services. Our content developers create the quality-oriented informative content focusing on keywords so that the site is bestowed a top rank on Google. It is content’s textual and visual influence that channelizes heavy traffic towards the site improving the ranking resultantly with a long term effect.

Comprehensive Content Marketing

Content indispensably plays a pivotal role in attracting the customers and ensuring top ranking to the site as a heavily-trafficked business website that paves the way for directly selling the products and services to the customers/clients. Following Hummingbird, Panda and Google fox, the content marketing has emerged as a powerful SEO strategy through which we create textual and visual content of visitors’ choice. Let’s have a look at some of the comprehensive content marketing strategies of Yakshaa.

We create the keywords-centric blogs in order to generate traffic and improve ranking of the site.
Guests Posts
It makes targeted website a platform or rendezvous triggering immense traffic thereon improving in this way its ranking on Google.
High definition videos related to the products and services are uploaded on the site that catalyzes liveliness of the site generating heavy traffic of viewers.
It is an ocular strategy to escalate traffic by enhancing ensuring visibility of the site related information.
Social Media Post
It establishes a powerful link with social media platforms generating thereby a heavy rush of visitors that improves online ranking of the site
We prepare and analyze weekly and monthly reports of content marketing strategy.

Our Recent SEO Case Studies

Arc4life’s link building project has been with us for 9 months and going strong! Their rankings and traffic is on a continuous trend North thanks to our white hat link profile. Site bounce rate is down thanks to relevant content, and improved keyword mapping. Currently they have 10+ keywords ranking on the first page in Google pages and more and more keywords continue to rank.

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Keeping Eyes on the Sites is Must

SEO Yaksha has a team of professional content developers that creates catchy-content in accordance with the keywords which the site might be associated with. SEO Yaksha has so far resurrected several thousand websites so just let us know about your business or services you deal with and get relaxed as the rest would be accomplished by the SEO Yakshaa in order to catalyze significance of your site.

About SEO-Yaksha & Its Business SEO Strategies

SEO Yakshaa is a Gujarat based globally acclaimed SEO company, known for its reactivating even traffic less web sites by strategically creating awesome webs design, developing substantial content, building web/social media links, PPC and adhering to paid service as well i.e. Google ads.

Able to detect actual causes of site’s poor ranking it offers the best solution to resolve problematic issues. Well acquainted with outstanding SEO strategies the SEO Yakshaa has got to turn your sluggish website into a heavy-trafficked website adopting exceptional SEO modus operandi. SEO Yaksha specializes in search engine optimization applying numerous online strategies. One of these strategies is the content marketing strategy that enhances actual significance of the site by posting blogs/articles and uploading the videos related with actual business or services of the site.

So do not stay far-behind in promoting business or earning worldwide fame by contacting us to see how you rank on top of the first page of Google. Excelling in the search optimizing services the SEO Yaksha has been honored and bestowed with prestigious awards. Each of our SEO strategies follows the guidelines and the terms and conditions of Google.

Dwelling on the needs of clients which may vary as per their commercial or professional status we determine our strategy so as to serve their purpose saving their hard earned money. Some of our reputed clients contact us to promote their business by simply generating the traffic while some express their desire to popularize their site. We accomplish each of our clients asks for by adhering to natural or paid search strategy as per their budget.

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