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Build image of your business entity as a most prestigious one, adhering to the personal reputation-management SEO strategies of SEO Yakshaa to outstandingly promote your business by popularizing commercial website.
You would stand nowhere else if your business is in absolute oblivion. Such kind of situational status calls for strong strategic commends to be created under expert supervision of trained SEO professionals which the SEO Yakshaa excels in. The SEO Yakshaa has resolved many issues of this kind successfully resurrecting even dormant, unpopular or defamed websites. The SEO Yakshaa is a Ahmadabad based SEO company expert in adopting exceptional search engine optimization strategies including web hosting, web designing, content development, web linking, reviews, blogs, etc.
SEO strategies actually can be divided into two categories, one - organic search engine optimization and two – digital marketing SEO service. The motive or target of both the strategies is the same, i.e. promoting the targeted business site by improving its ranking with heavy traffic being generated. The first category’s SEO service may take several weeks or months in popularizing any targeted site while the second category SEO service can popularize the same site within a few days generating heavy traffic and improving ranking on Google. The second search engine optimization strategy is based on PPC (pay-per-click) for which SEO Yakshaa provides a PPC tool as well.
So do not stay behind in competitive online business and hire the SEO Yaksha to make your site a heavy-trafficked and responsive website, flourishing your business. The SEO experts of Yakshaa oversee entire site before turning it into a top ranking business website. We follow all the terms and conditions of Google and deliver outstanding results at an affordable price.

Our Remedial Services

We prepare weekly and monthly reports


Purchase new websites to keep confidential.


Create high quality textual and visual content

SEO Links

We build white hat SEO links to activate the targeted site


Use press releases to authenticate the information

We Directly Hit the Problem to Resolve the Issue

SEO Yakshaa contemplates on popularizing the website, for which it dwells on personal profile of the company’s owner and portfolio of the business. After studying all such crucial issues the Yaksha’s SEO experts move ahead to resolve the obstructive issues one by one in accordance with the terms and conditions of Google. Following are some of our highly effective search engine optimization strategies.

Identification of Drawbacks

We detect the loopholes and drawbacks of the site

Determine the Strategies

Taking into consideration the technical issues we adopt the strategies.

Planned Implementation

We implement our planning under exceptional SEO strategies

Focus on Positive Aspects

We focus on positive and favorable aspects to minimize the challenge

Prepare Reports

In order to monitor and analyze we prepare periodic reports, i.e. weekly and monthly reports.

Press Release

We create and post press releases regularly to substantiate the information.

Why Do We Need to Upgrade Our Personal Reputation

It is the personal reputation of both owner and company including quality and standard of products and services that play a crucial role in influencing the business, positively or negatively. If the image of your company in the market is of a reputed commercial entity then its impact has got to be positive which the SEO Yakshaa scans and analyzes before meting out any remedial treatment through its search engine optimization strategies. If the scarcity of information about your company is found affecting your business then plenty of keyword-centric content is created both visually and textually to build a positive image.
So be whatsoever type of business or online services you deal in, you should not worry at all as the SEO Yaksha has the best remedial formulae of resurrecting your site by directly hitting and annihilating the persistent problem forever popularizing your company in this way as one of the best business entities. The type of tricks we do employ is termed as a reputation management SEO service which we do pioneer in.


About Personal Reputation Management Services

SEO Yakshaa understands the importance of online reputation. We will fight every negative review to suppress it or eliminate it if possible. We really believe we have the complete Reputation Management package.

Our Reputation Management services are fully customized, and designed from the ground up to improve a business’s online reputation, build and increase trust in the eyes of their target audience, and strengthen their brand.

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