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Yakshaa Inc has countless years of experience over working in different niches and disciplines. At Yakshaa Inc we have grown a diversified clientele; many of whom work in highly demanding industries such as health-care, real estate and fashion. Below is part of the client we partner with during each of our project.

Why Our Strategies Work?

Behind every client’s successful web presence and visibility is an equally competent online marketing strategy. Our strategies work because we take the time to thoroughly research a project. This includes analyzing a client’s website; studying their industry; identifying their target audience; even researching their competitors.

A successful SEO roadmap cannot be created or implemented without the right tools. We use some of the most sophisticated digital marketing tools in the business; many of them have been created in-house by our developers who have a strong command over Search Engine Optimization. We even offer free access to some of our tools to clients. Check out the Dashboard Tool.

Only after gathering different types of invaluable information from different resources such as the ones mentioned above, are we able to confidently create a strong strategy plan to kick-start the SEO campaign for our clients.

Step 1
Keyword Research + Website Analysis
Step 1 - Keyword Research + Website Analysis

Every successful SEO strategy for a website starts off with a critical analysis of that very website. This includes conducting extensive Keyword Research and performing detailed and comprehensive Website SEO Audit. These are two extremely crucial steps of paramount importance; that most SEO companies either miss altogether or intentionally rush through to save time. Doing so only yields short term results and leaves a website vulnerable to Google updates and ranking algorithm changes.

The right way is to configure your website for long term results. Your need to be targeting the right keywords. You need to be targeting the right audience. Your website should conform to Google Guidelines from an SEO as well as a design perspective. Focus on white-hat strategies to improve traffic, rankings and results in the long run and that’s what we do.

Our website audit consists of over 40 proprietary checks on your website to ensure its overall health and give a strong foundation to your SEO campaign. We look at a number of things in our analysis. This includes:

Hosting issues
Plagiarism and duplicate content
Canonicalization issues
HTML optimization issues
Link profiling
Website structure issues
Current keyword rankings
Webmaster settings
Social media analysis
Overall website health
Step 2
Content Creation + SEO
Step 2 - Content Creation + SEO

This is where we begin to create quality content for a website that attracts visitors and also begin working on SEO to optimize your domain for target keywords. The goals here are many; increase traffic; improve rankings but most importantly, connect the potential customer to your website.

Every month, we do the following for our clients

Informative Articles That Build Trust and Increase Traffic
Blog Posts
Quality Blog Posts To Boost Traffic Coming To Your Website
Highly Creative Infographics To Bring New Visitors
Meticulously Designed Quality Videos that Create A Buzz
Industry-Driven Press Releases that Build Authority and Reputation.

The content that we create enables a client website to swiftly climb the search engine rankings to the Top 10 spot. A harsh reality of internet surfing is that users will only look at the search results or a website for about 2 seconds before they change their mind and go elsewhere. we only have minute or so to hook your website’s visitors. Our expert writers do this by creating clear, concise and compelling text that gets the job done… guaranteed!

While we are working on making our content fresh, relevant and link worthy, we also make sure that our SEO practices amplify those qualities and connect the target audience with the content our clients want them to see. This is done by building links but even links must conform to quality standards which is why we build links on relevant, authority sites.

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